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ID# Date Bonus For Member Name Percentage Bonus Reference ID Bonus From
1 04-July-2017 Sell Currency Shakil 2 % 3658.2 - USD 4592efe5c27f8a0 2595b5dc611b8d2
2 31-May-2017 Sell Currency Joaquim Cruz 2 % 31.2 - USD 55924b5e2e6fd96 4592ea6a3a5a525
3 31-May-2017 Sell Currency Joaquim Cruz 2 % 46.8 - USD 55924b5e2e6fd96 759233ea36b7049
4 27-May-2017 Exchange Currency Md.Tipu 2 % 156 - USD 959286c48400995 259286ac2c03527
5 26-May-2017 Sell Currency Md.Tipu 2 % 156 - USD 959286c48400995 259286ac2c03527
6 26-May-2017 Buy Currency Md.Tipu 3 % 240 - USD 959286c48400995 259286ac2c03527
7 24-May-2017 Sell Currency Ulmann Gross 3 % 117 - USD 85925a69a16f9d8 55924b5e2e6fd96
8 23-May-2017 Exchange Currency Joaquim Cruz 3 % 46.8 - USD 55924b5e2e6fd96 759233ea36b7049
9 23-May-2017 Buy Currency Joaquim Cruz 3 % 31.5 - USD 55924b5e2e6fd96 759233ea36b7049
10 23-May-2017 Sell Currency Joaquim Cruz 3 % 68.4 - USD 55924b5e2e6fd96 759233ea36b7049